Minijoy App Lucky Bet Challenge: Bet & Earn Joys

You now bet and earn unlimited joys by just betting. Minijoy Pro app has launched a game named “Lucky Bet Challenge” for its users to earn mini joys.

The betting game is very simple to play. I will tell you the whole process of betting on the minijoy pro app. So, let’s get started.

How To Bet & Earn Joys On MiniJoy app

Step 1: At first, Download the Minijoy Pro apk and install it on your phone.

Step 2: Open the and sign up on using this minijoy referral code: PRJDXQ to get up to Rs 39 Paytm cash as a signup bonus.

Step 3: Go to the “Game” section and click on the banner showing “Lucky Bet Challenge”.


Step 4: Now, select the slider and move it to the left or right side to obtain a number [Roll under to win]. On leaving the slider, you will find your number, payout and win rate. To increase the chances of your winning, move the slider to the left side.


Step 5: Move to the “My Bets” section and click on the plus or minus icons to increase or decrease your betting amount. You are betting using your joys. In the “Expected Winnings” section, you will find your expected winning prize.


Step 6: Finally, click on the “BET” button.

Step 7: Now, a message will pop-up showing a number. And If this number is less than the number that you got using the slider then you have won the lucky bet challenge game. You will also find the winning prize. See the screenshot below for more details.

Game Rules

  • You can bet any amount of joy.
  • The winning announcement is instant.
  • If you win, the winning bonus will be the betting amount into the payout. On losing, you get nothing.
  • The winning joy will instantly get credited to your minijoy account.
  • Minijoy reserve the right of final interpretation.

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