How To Do MiniJoy Pro App KYC; Simple Guide

Welcome to another minijoy app tutorial. In, this article, I will show you the process to complete your Minijoy app KYC. The process is very simple and fast.

You need to have a valid ID proof for doing KYC. MiniJoy accepts either Aadhar Card or PAN card. Doing KYC is mandatory to withdraw your earning from the Minijoy Pro app.

Note: Before going for KYC, you have to first update your MiniJoy app profile details (the photo should also be same ) exactly according to the document you will be uploading during the KYC process.

To update your profile, follow the steps shown below:

  • Go to the “Me” section.
  • Click on the letter ‘M’ present at the top-left.
  • Now, update your profile picture, username, gender, DOB and city according to your Aadhaar card or PAN card.
  • Done.

Steps To Perform MiniJoy KYC Via Aadhar/Pan Card

  1. Open the MiniJoy app and log in to your account. If you are a new user then download the MiniJoy app and signup using the referral code: PRJDXQ to get Rs 51 instant.
  2. Move to the “Me” section.
  3. Click on “Balance”.minijoy wallet balance option
  4. Go to the “Bonus Cash” section and click on “Withdrawal”.
  5. Now, scroll down to find an option that reads: “GO TO MINIJOY KYC”.minijoy kyc option
  6. Just click on the KYC option to step further.
  7. Now, under the “IMEI Verification”, click on “Allow” and allow the permission that is being asked.allow permissions
  8. Next step is to click on “Government ID Proof”.
  9. Select ID Type: Aadhhar Card or PAN card.enter id proof details
  10. Now, enter the ID proof number, name, last name, DOB and select your state.
  11. Click on “Front Photo of ID” and upload the original copy of adhar card or pan card.
  12. At last, after reviewing all the details, click on “Submit ID proof”.
  13. That’s it, done.

Now, wait for at least 24 to 48 hours for the KYC verification. In case, the KYC gets accepted or rejected, you will be notified for the same through an SMS or in-app notification.

After the KYC application gets a thumbs up, you can withdraw all your earnings to your Paytm wallet.

If your KYC gets rejected, you will be asked to do the KYC again with the right details. And for the naughty users who are thinking of doing fake KYC, please stop as its completely a waste of time.

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